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Austin, Texas is the only city in the world with Moonlight Towers.

Their 19th-century blueprints are compelling syntheses of industrial aesthetic and technological optimism.

Now available as stunning pieces of art.


Moonlight Tower No. 9 in Hyde Park

About Austin's Moonlight Towers


Erected in the 1890s, Austin's Moonlight Towers are an ingenious system that illuminated the nights of the Texas capital in the early days of electricity.

They still bathe Austin in artificial moonlight from dusk till dawn. Six lamps at the top of each tower create the famous moonlight glow.

Today, 17 of the original 31 towers remain. They are official Texas State Landmarks and are listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

The Moonlight Towers have been beloved by Austinites for generations.

Please visit the Infographic, History, and Map pages to learn more.


Moonlight Tower No. 1 in Travis Heights

Moonlight Tower Blueprint Art

These are a rare find: authentic blueprints of the Moonlight Towers.

We offer several sizes of these beautiful blueprints in a wide variety of media.

Visit our online store to learn more.

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About Austin Moonlight


Austin Moonlight is Cynthia Hannon and Daniel Barnekow, a married couple who fell in love under the glow of Moonlight Tower No. 1., in Travis Heights.

Cindy is a native Austinite. Dan didn't get here until 1982. We are happy to call Austin our hometown.


You may have seen Austin Moonlight Blueprint Art around town....

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